Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A post a-boot HOCHEE?

As our loyal readership knows (Hi Mom!) , the Brain Trust collectively resides in the greater Choco-bot City area. There are a number of major sports franchises to follow, but the most rabid fanbase belongs to the Caps. They have A LOT to cheer about right now:

- Ovechkin

- Saving Hockey

- Not wearing these

During the current Stanley Cup play-offs "Rock the Red" parties are everywhere, but probably most impressive is the devoted following from the ladies. Nevermind the fact that this website is obvioulsy a shameless marketing ploy and our boys are posing for glamour shot-esque photos - the more important takeaway is that these guys are gettin 'em wetter than a zamboni.

The photo above was taken immediately after game 6 - Ovechkin had to satisfy his needs.
On the other hand, Sid the Kid fulfilled his nickname, by calling Gary Glitter.

GET 'ER DONE CAPS. Game 7 tonight - look for a tight one....

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