Monday, June 23, 2008

While We Were Sleeping...

Well, I'm going to take my turn at trying to resusitate this slowly dying blog. Well, "dying" may be a little too extreme -- let's just say it's on it's way back to Poochy's home planet. In all seriousness, I would say that the four of us have been busy trying to absorb what's been a great sports month before the duldrums of July, when the only thing on TV is Major League Baseball and reruns of Magnum PI. So let's recap some important things that have happened in the past week ish.

1) Some guy named Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open. Oh yea, he did it with a broken leg. I can't speak for the other three Made Em Jump Contributors, but I was pulling for Rocco Mediate, who forced Tiger to go 91 holes before claiming his third Open title. For me Rocco vs. Tiger would be like this Web site trying to compete with the D.C. Sports Bog or The Junkies when it comes to covering D.C. sports. Basically, there was no chance in hell. They have talent, we don't. They have thousands of adoring fans, we don't. And while they're getting legitimate access at events like Wizards games, we are in the 400 level, trying to look for people who left behind their Buck and Phil bobbleheads. That being said, Rocco gave a gutty effort. In fact, his performance propelled him to number three on our favorite golfers list behind Boo Weekley and John Daly. That's not a joke. It's funny, but not a joke.

2) It's the semi-finals of Euro 08 and there haven't been any major riots ... yet. All in all, it's been a great tournament. This Wednesday, Germany will take on Turkey in the first semi-final. Then, Thursday, Spain plays Russia. If I was a betting man, which I most certainly am, I would empty out the old 401k and bet it on Germany beating Turkey. The other final is slightly less clear, but I'll take Russia in extra time.

3) It hasn't happened yet, but Saturday the Wiz will get the 18th pick in the NBA draft. I've seen a lot of mock drafts that have the Wiz taking a variety of people from Robin Lopez to Roy Hibbert. Most people seem to have them taking a big man. Personally, I am hoping WVU's Joe Alexander falls to 18, however I doubt we'll be that luck.

4) In response to your emails, we have not seen any more pictures of Topanga making out with other chicks. We'll keep ya posted on that one.

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