Sunday, June 8, 2008

Breaking News - Germany Invades Poland....AGAIN

UEFA Euro 2008 kicked-off yesterday in Basel, Switzerland. Much of Made 'Em Jump's readership (read: basement dwelling perverts), may not be aware of the Euro footy tourney. Well allow us to shed some light:

Occurs every four years similar to the World Cup
  • Consists entirely of European Nations
Sweet Nicknames: Les Blues, Clockwork Orange and the Faggy Ronaldos

and provides a cornucopia of drunken Euro Babe pics - Fah'kin Sweet Brah!

Not to mention the continental resentment for Germany's past transgressions (WWII, Holocaust, Falco and Haselhoff) comes bubbling to the surface. The Dutch hate the Germans, the Polish hate the Germans, the French hate the Germans and the Italians can't be bothered with anything but Young jerseys and massive amounts of gel in their collective hair.

The World Wide Leader is broadcasting games in high definition on ESPN2 and ESPN Classic for the duration of the tournament. If you are at all interested in soccer, but don't know too much about the game...use this feast of footy to pop your viewing cherry. You won't be disappointed.

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