Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Wrath of Rider.

On May 15, 2008, at 10:29 pm EST, your editors of Made 'Em Jump Like Rod Strickland made the gravest error of our careers.

A little context: It was nearly two weeks after the 'Zards exit from the playoffs. We were still a wee-bit salty, but had recovered to the point where we could actually oogle some biddies. The braintrust decided that it was time to start posting on this here blog again. We were all a tizzy trying decide what boneriffic material we should start with first. Lo and behold we stumble across some hot Topanga lesbo action. Since we all made man mustard to that nerdy vixen back in the day....we thought it was the perfect post to announce the rededication of Made 'Em Jump.

What we didn't count on was: the Wrath of Rider Strong.

Shorlty after we posted "Boner Jams '94" we received an e-mail from a reader of the blog praising our: vim and vigor, it was signed Mr. Feeney. We found this to be hilarious and began to correspond with said reader....little did we know that "reader" was actually a pissed-off Rider Strong. The e-mail communication provided Rider all the information he needed to track us down and before we knew it, he was beating on the doors of the Made 'Em Jump Mansion.

The picture you see above was taken after Rider Strong bit the nose off our butler (Caron). We were shook to say the least. Rider ranted, raved and rampaged until we asked why he was so pissed, turns out he has some hot homo pics of his own that he wanted us to post:


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