Monday, April 28, 2008

The Terrorists Have Won

Well...that's it boys...time to come home from Iraq and sense in fighting any more...the terrorists have won...those weasel commi-nazi pricks have managed to infiltrate the good ol' U.S. of A. with two of their most lethal karate ninja agents...

our only salvation lies in the hope that this Lincoln Memorial in this photo is actually one of those Olin Mills' backgrounds of the 1980s.

After some careful analysis, I am beginning to doubt the authenticity of this photo. Anyone who has ever been to Chocolate City knows that leaves on trees = 98 degrees (sans the Lachey bros.) and 95% humidity. Thus making Spencer's sweatshirt thoroughly implausible.

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Jeff V said...

After watching a bajillion Hills episodes in a row last night I've concluded that the show is just 90210 without the intrigue of lust, drugs or emotion.

Seriously, MTV can we ship a kilo of blow to Lauren's new house? PRONTO!

Also I've never met actual people who are as akward as these kids. I don't think I've seen one legitimate friend on the show. I don't think their Nazis. Probably just Nihilists.