Friday, April 18, 2008

Television: Teacher, Mother...Secret Lover

To say your editors at Made 'Em Jump Like Rod Strickland are excited for television viewing tomorrow is a bit of an understatement. There are a few hoops games on the tele where we may have a minor rooting interest:

Washington-Cleveland12:30 PM ET ESPN
Phoenix-San Antonio3:00 PM ET ABC
Dallas-New Orleans7:00 PM ET ESPN
Utah-Houston9:30 PM ET ESPN

All match-ups feature some intriguing story lines

The Wiz-Cavs series has been well documented on this site.

The Spurs-Suns tie, promises to pass judgement on the wisdom Meistro Kerr displayed in bringing the Big Cactus to Phoenix.

Dallas-N.O. The perfect time for Cuban and Dirk to finally come out of the closet...

Utah-Houston Intriguing because it's on T.V. and gives your editors a reason to ignore their (possibly made-up)girlfriends, drink more beers than is socially acceptable and put pizza down our pants! (what?)

After a full slate of afternoon basketball, your editors will be beligerent beyond belief. What better nightcap than a brawl between Welshman Joe Calzaghe and sr. statesmen/badass B-Hop. Expect boxing to be revived by this fight. It's Black vs. White; USA vs. Europe; Chest Hair vs. Nair. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

(B-Hop theorizes on the practicality of cold fusion)

We'd spend more time dissecting this fight, but it's been a long week at work and the Sam Summer Ale is calling our name. Enjoy the viewing tomorrow and remember that Queen James may put up 40...but he still has to go home to Cleveland. SUCKAH!!

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