Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Sad

"Bradley was sweet and kind and generous with his time, a remarkably patient man who never seemed to lose his temper, even when he was entitled to lose it." - John Feinstein


So the NFL draft was over the weekend. The Skins drafted a plethora of receiving talent including two top receiver prospects, the best TE in college football, and the punter of the year. However, I'd like to point out that their best pick for me was taking Colt Brennan at #182 overall in the sixth round. What's not to like about this guy? From a physical aspect, he looks like a character that would hang out in the lower cafeteria in my HS sticking kids up for their honey bun money, and let's be honest, that'll always be endearing to me. From a playing aspect, we're in need of a third string QB, he made it rain in Honolulu for three consecutive seasons, and he's practically made for the west coast offense. Finally, from a personal aspect, much like me, Brennan's taken on Hawaii as his adopted home state. So Colt, if you ever get terribly homesick for the islands while you're in the DMV, holla at your boy Agent Hiro and we can go grab some bento for lunch. Spam musabis > haole breakfast.


Remember in game 1 of the Wiz Cavs series where Lebron couldn't handle the hard fouls and retaliated against Blatche with an elbow to the face? Remember when the refs didn't do shit about it? Well, in their infinite wisdom, the NBA has assessed Lebron with a retroactive flagrant foul. So what does that mean for us? Absolutely nothing. If it had been correctly called during the game, it would've resulted in a free throw and possession. Instead, the NBA raises their hand, mutters "my bad" and apparently we just move on. Thanks dicks.


In some terribly sad news, soccer legend Gordon Bradley has passed away. A member of the national soccer hall of fame, Bradley will probably be remembered best for being a player coach of the Pele led NY Cosmos in the NASL in the '70s, coaching George Mason soccer for 16 years, and his color commentary work for DC United. As an avid soccer fan and George Mason alum, I'm pretty sad to hear this. I am however pretty happy to see that notable writers like John Feinstein have recognized how great of a man he was by writing a great piece on the NASL, Johan Cruyff and Gordon Bradley. Rest in peace Gordon.

Yours in somber blood,
Agent Hiro

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