Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Don't Talk to Us

In response to the hundreds of reader e-mails we have received over the past few days, your editors would like to issue a brief statement:


Things kinda suck in Choco City at the moment. We are longing for the halcyon days of last Friday, when we thought:

The Wiz wouldn't shit the bed in Cleveland.....TWICE!! (Ed. Note: We still have faith that the Wiz will take games 3 and 4 at home to even the series)

We had faith that the Calzaghe-Hopkins fight would be good. It wasn't.
In fact it SUCKED....HARD!! We're convinced that the Welsh teach fighters how to slap box rather than throw punches.

Not to mention the gut wrenching loss the Caps suffered last night in OT of game 7.

We're feeling sorry for ourselves and can't summon the commitment to post on a regular basis. So in true Made 'Em Jump style, we would like to pass a bit of advice on to our readers:

"Go fack ya'self Jahmaine!"

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