Wednesday, April 9, 2008

'Dem Georgia Boys, Greenery and Cash $$$

Admit it, judging by the title you thought this post was about: The OutKast smoking Bob Marley blunts at the the infamous Atlanta Gold Club while making it rain.

Well's not, but Davis Love III has been mistaken for Big Boi on more than one occasion! (They've agreed not wear their "killer teeth" at the same time to prevent future confusion.)

On to business - The Masters starts tomorrow with the beloved Par 3 Contest. For those of you unfamiliar with the Par 3 Contest: its held on a seperate 9-hole track. No winner has ever won the main event in the same year. This year marks the first time the contest will be aired on television, which ensures two important TV records will be set:

  1. Most shots of spoiled children of wealthy "athletes" prancing around in designer clothing on the hallowed grounds of Augusta;

  2. Most Gratuitous pics of Elin Nordegren, Amy Mickelson and other hottie WAGs:

This little bun-bun is Sonya Toms, wifey of David Toms. Did we mention that we hate golfers?

Since we have now fulfilled the mission statement of Made 'Em Jump Like Rod Strickland Sports, Boobs and Dope Ryhmes...

This post comes to a close with some advice: If you are a gambling man, and we certainly are, bet on Tiger to win the tourney. If you are looking for a good "first-half bet" like a certain contributor to this think-tank, take John Daly. Getting his breasts massaged has to be good for something right?

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