Friday, April 25, 2008

Beat 'Em Like They Stole Something

"Step into my office cause it's time for you to roll somethin/One false move, and we gon' beat you like you stole somethin" - Xzibit

Holy Shit. I'm still numb from the beatdown we laid last night. 36 point victory, I'm not sure there's much more I can say about that than what has already been said. Lebron's overrated...blah blah blah...the Wiz have awesome barbers...blah blah blah....Gil's knee is bothering him....blah blah blah...Soulja Boy was actually in attendance. So since this game has already had the crap covered out of it, I'll just point out some of my own personal favorites from last night:
  • Caron-ic ripping Lebron on a jumper, then taking it coast to coast for the dunk (pictured above, dialogue is just from what I was able to hear through my TV.)
  • Caron-ic splitting the double team with a spin move then one hand double pumping a floater for the finish.
  • The Wiz feeding off the silly loud crowd at the VC:

  • The Locksmith drilling back to back 3's on Queen James then not feeling his face.
  • Andray Blatche possibly registering the first volleyball style kill in the box score for his 1st quarter block that had to have gotten into the 10th row.
  • The VC being whited out.
  • Nick Young's fade, definitely not Nick Young's play.
  • Caron-ic's Anthony Mason-esque haircut (Click on the pic for a larger version):
  • And finally, my favorite part of game 3 was something they showed multiple replays of on the CSN broadcast, and is something I feel kinda epitomizes the Wiz and how awesome (read: G'd up) they really are. Early in the second half, the Wiz were running the fast break and shockingly enough Haywood was out in front. He got the ball passed to him just as he was getting to the post, drew the defense and then turned and kicked the ball out to a wide open Locksmith in the corner for a 3. This next part is what made me realize that this is a big part of why I love this team. Deshawn drained it, skipped back down the court doing the Yayo dance, did the jumping back bump with Caron and then they both ran down the court mean mugging every Cav.


    That play can be seen at about the 1:10 mark here.

So, game 4 is on Sunday at 1, a good portion of the Made 'em Jump braintrust will be in attendance, whited out. You'll know you're close to our section when you start to see mother's covering their children's ears. Let's even this bitch at 2 and head back to the Mistake by the Lake like we own these beat ass nerds.

Yours in blood,
Agent Hiro

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