Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Putting the "G" in Grunfeld

"That cat bit me (puff...puff...............exhale)" - Nicholas Clay, Esq.
So we're all well versed on the fact that the Bullets are possibly the most "G'd" up team in the entire NBA. I mean really, who else has a guy who served hard time for slanging that rock, or someone who's been shot while in the league, much less both? Well ladies and gentlemen, here's something you may not know. The street cred in this organization starts at the top, and there's clearly a trickle down effect. Ernie Grunfeld had his number retired over the weekend at his alma mater Tennessee (where he played with future Bullets legend Bernard King), and apparently our homeboy Grunnie was the enforcer for the Vols in the 70s.

From the Bog:
Grunfeld took up for Jackson during a Kentucky game in Stokely Athletics Center. Jackson and Wildcat center Mike Phillips got tangled up after a collision.

"When I went to get up, Phillips bit me on the arm,'' Jackson said.

Later, the teams were lined up for free throws. Grunfeld caught Jackson's eye as if to say: Watch this.

"Everybody was tired,'' Jackson said, "and Phillips was really tired and bent over. Ernie bent down next to Phillips and made sure the official wasn't looking and he sucker-punched him up under the chin.''
I'm speechless right now. I always knew there was a force bigger than the players on the Wiz that made them so God damned gangster, but little did I know this team was hand selected to be G'd up from the feet up. So let's take this opportunity to give a big round of applause for Grunnie, not only for dumping Kwame for Caron, or not re-signing Jeffries or Hughes, but for most importantly passing along his g'd up swag to younger NBA generations.

Yours in blood,
Agent Hiro

P.S. On my flight to LA this afternoon, I board the plane, turn down the row and catch a rather loud bowtie sitting in first class. I glance, and it is none other than former Choco-bot City Mayor Tony Williams. Let me tell you T Dubs, it's an automatic -15 street cred when I try and back hand high five you and you look at me like I'm crazy, and then an additional -5 when you're bodyguard looks like he's about to murk a brotha. Consider this your written warning.

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