Monday, March 31, 2008

Nats Open Season at New Stadium in South East - Dem Corner Boys No-Likey

The Washington Nationals opened the 2008 season in a hale of fanfare - and gunfire - at their digs in South East, Washington, D.C.

The much heralded stadium - just blocks from Agent Beero's place of bidness - was the scene for some silly opening night drama as the Nats defeated dem bums from Hotlanta 3-2 on a two out walk-off homer by Ryan Zimmerman.

Equally as impressive as the Zimm's game winning donger, Nationals Park offers both Five Guys and Ben's Chili Bowl half smokes.

So as I said, the new stadium is in my semi-employed neck of the woods. And while you may say that I'm giving away too much info about my identity, I assure you that saying I work in South East keeps me in a cloak of anonymity...There are essentially three jobs you can have in my neighborhood - drug dealer, former mayor of D.C., or former mayor of D.C. turned drug user and hooker frequenter turned city council member. Guess which one I am...

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