Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Made 'em Jump Photo of the Day

A tale of two hot pole vaulters...

Pole vaulting is quickly approaching women's softball as the sport with the hottest participants.

The young lass on the left - Allison Stokke - enraptured the sports blogging community a few months back at the tender age of something below consent. Ms. Stokke is now in college and driving the young lads of Cal wild with her spandexed ways.

Ms. Stokke now has some competition courtesy of the land of criminals and sheep.

Enter stage right Ms. Melanie Adams. Ms. Adams is quickly on her way to becoming Australia's hottest exports since Paul Hogan and the cast of Road Rules 6. That is - of course - until Bindi Irwin's line of delightfully charming clothes hits the shelves at your nearest Belk.

The Chattanooga Champ,
Agent Beero

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