Monday, March 17, 2008

Made 'em Jump Photo of the Day

With thrice of the Brain Trust in Vegas for a wedding, your man in the streets Agent Beero was intrusted holding down the fort in Chocolate City. Not surprisingly, I watched roughly 476 hours of NCAA basketball and 5 old episdoes of The Wire and have done zero to further the cause of this blog. To that end, I will continue with my sub par performance by being lazy and posting this:

Name that wench.
If you were guessing it was Tiki Barber dressed in drag, you'd be pretty damn close.

But if you guessed her, you'd be right. Sweet chocolate Christ on a whole wheat cracker. For years I wondered what Diana Ross would look like if she got busy with Rerun from "What's Happening!!". And now I know. I can now die knowing that all of life's mysteries have been solved.

P.S. Despite what Agent Hiro may post this week about the quality of some 2nd rate Virginia commuter school's bball program, there is no way in hell that George Mason will beat Notre Dame. Whatever he writes, you can't believe him. He's Japanese-ish And as history has shown us over the last 100 years, you can't trust the Japanese.

P.P.S. No disrespect meant to Japanese people. I love you guys. You gave us this, this, and of course this.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph on a whole wheat cracker!

That's Soooo Raven!

G20Fdacowboyos said...

You can't trust Japanese people something about 5ft tall people with slanted eyes creeps me out