Friday, March 14, 2008

Made 'em Jump Caption Contest

Washington, D.C. contains some of the most famous landmarks in the world. There's the Washington Monument, The White House, The U.S. Capitol and countless other jems. Among them -- Ben's Chili Bowl. It is a hole in the wall diner frequented by some of Washington's most powerful people. I happened to be at Ben's a few night's ago and was checking out the pictures they have on the wall. They have Bill Cosby, Hillary Clinton, Marion Barry and Bono all visiting the joint. As I was looking, one picture seemed to shine brighter than the rest. I can't explain what drew me to it, but it just seemed to have a sparkling glow. When I looked closer I almost fainted. That's right, it was Rod Strickland picking up one of his beloved half smokes. As you can see, I took a picture of the picture and have posted it here. (By the way, some people in the restaurant seemed to think it was weird I was taking a picture of a picture. To these people I say, "Have you ever heard Triumph? Were you part of that magical 96-97 season when Rod helped the Bullets make it to the first round of the play-offs. Oh, you weren't? Then shut up and stop staring.) Anyway, I figured this picture was reason enough to hold our first ever Made 'em Jump caption contest. The only prize -- pride, son.

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