Monday, March 24, 2008

Looks Like That Tear-Away Armani Will Have To Wait

Despite laying a beat down on the Pistons at the phone booth, there was bad news out of Wizards camp last night. The G-I-L wanted to play, but was not cleared by doctors. The Washington Post is reporting that Gil told reporters, "Ya'll don't have to write any more. I'm not coming back this year." However, Gil was on the Wiz bench after the game started and looked to be in a better mood. So with all this speculation, I'm going to make a bold prediction: Gilbert comes back next Sunday, March 30 when the Wiz play the Lakers in LA. I'm not stopping there, though. Not only will Gil make his return that night, but I predict the best... entrance... ever. I'm guessing that he will not announce he's coming back before gametime. However, as Brian Austin Green (yes, that B.A.G.) announces starting line-ups, Gilbert will reveal that the suit he is wearing is actually a tear-away and underneath is his uniform. As for his "dress shoes," they will actually be some new model Gil 0's that are appropriate for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and first communions. I'm not going to predict minutes or points for Gil, but be sure, when he comes back, it will be anything but traditional. So here is my advice to all you Wiz fans: just watch the game, look for "celebrities" in the crowd, and remember, just cause Gil is wearing a suit 10 minutes before tip, doesn't mean he's not going to play. Check back with me next Monday, but after what happened last year in LA, I don't think Agent Zero can resist taking another bow at the Staples Center.

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