Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's Like the Reunification of Germany...

"...yeah, but with way better tits."

In what can only be described as an event more important that The Vatican II, SALT II, and this combined, Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad are well on their way to becoming BFFLs. that isn't that important to the majority of Americans or the esteemed scholars that read this blog. But to the fine editors of Made 'em Jump, life doesn't get much better - or hotter - than this (come on late night lingerie-clad pillow fights). It also means that I get to post this picture:

Because as the great William Q. Huxtable-Cosby taught us so many years ago, there's always room for Jel-LO...HAHAHA...double ZING!!! This stuff just writes itself.

Your man on the streets,
Agent Beero

P.S. Despite what you may believe and what the rest of the brain trust here at Made 'em Jump will tell you, I DID NOT make that photo montage of Lo. And there is a perfectly good explanation why there is a wall-sized version of the collage on my bedroom's because...Hey! Look over there!

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Anonymous said...

Baron Von Orange Face Jen LC's Friend for Mayoritta!!!