Thursday, March 20, 2008

He Just Had to See the Rod Strickland Photo For Himself

Avid Made 'em Jump Reader, Russell Crowe, stopped by the world famous Ben's Chili Bowl to check out the picture of Rod Strickland we discovered last week-ish.

Big Rus is in Chocolate City filming the movie "State of Play"; which - oddly enough - has nothing to do with the state of plays in America.

More importantly than this, I have now learned that a certain Jason Bateman is also in D.C. filming the above mentioned film. As a result, I have a declared a state of "Batemanium" in the District. We are currently operating under "Code Orange" - A likely chance of Bateman-related pandemonium with a slight touch of George Michael Bluth.

Your man in the streets,
The Chattanooga Champ

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