Wednesday, March 26, 2008

C-Webb Retires, Laments about "Glory Days in Chocolate City"

Former Washington Bullets "surprisingly weak"-forward Mayce Edward Christopher Webber III announced his retirement today.

Webber, besides being semi-talented, was also one of the Bullets instrumental in reinstating the "Curse O' Les Boulez" :

I'm roughly 157% sure we can blame Gil and Caron's recent spat of injuries on C-Webb.

Besides not playing in many games during his career, Dr. Webber is known for the following:

  1. banging that narsty bitch Tyra Banks
  2. getting popped for second-degree assault, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, driving under the influence of marijuana and five other traffic-related violations
  3. being one of the "Fab Five"
  4. not being able to remember how many time outs his team has
  5. being one hell of a rapper

Rest ye oars, sailor. God speed and good luck spending the last few years of your life living on Juwan Howard's couch.

Your man in the streets,

The Chattanooga Champ

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