Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Birdman Flyeth...

You may have heard about a big retirement announcement today. Frankly, who gives a shit!
Haven't we been through this ego-trip for the past 3 offseasons? That guy should go peddle some more Wranglers, or get on his knees for Michael Strahan to sack him again for the NFL record. While we do respect the grizzledness of his beard...

We here at Made 'Em Jump Like Rod Strickland are far more concerned with the reinstatement of The Birdman, one Mr. Chris Andersen. After serving a two-year suspension for the abuse of "non-performance enhancing" drugs, the NBA has cleared the way for Chris Andersen to return to the Hornets.

The Bugs of Lake Pontchartrain have recently taken two L's from the gully-ass Zards, and could use the services of a player sporting multiple tatoos of someone/something dunking (see inset pic). We find it ironic that The Birdman happens to sport a tat of a pit-bull...shouldn't it be something more like: this?

Anyway: Here's to The Birdman and his 8 chances to make his first attempt in the '05 NBA Slam Dunk contest:

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