Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wiz/Clip Preview

For all of you who don't live in Washington -- things are not good in the nation's capital. We're still recovering from an ice storm, the crackheads downtown are getting restless and the Wiz are on their longest losing streak in six years. The last time they lost this much we were in the middle of the Michael Jordan-era, I was still in college and "Perfect Strangers" was still on heavy rotation on Nick at Night. If there's a chance to break the streak -- it's tonight in LA against the Clippers. I was online checking out their roster and a few quick observations:

1) Sam Cassell looks like an alien.

2) Dan Dickau is still in the league? Man, his wife is hot.

3) Cuttino Mobley went to Rhode Island?

4) They have a super hot dancer featured on their Web site right now.

Anyway, maybe not the most in-depth or "professional" analysis, but how are you going to argue any of those.

Balki Bartakamous

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