Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where Have You Gone Guglio-o-tta???

The Wizards need you more than you can know...whow whow whow...

So the Wiz are 3-10 for the month of February - the greatest month in the Aztec calendar - and as Gil said in his blog yesterday, "'s getting crunchy now." So what are the Wiz to do until Gil and Caron are back on the court?

Well I'll tell you...they need to bring back the two greatest players in Bullets/Wizards history - Mr. Thomas P. Gugliotta and "The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Guy Who Bought $19,200 in hot dogs" Mr. Kevin "00" Duckworth.

Now I'm no analyst like Agent Hiro, but I don't see how this could fail. However, if for some reason this deal doesn't go down, the Wiz need to adopt my "kick everyone in the balls" plan until there is no one left to play against and they win all their games...just call me Red Auerbach.

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