Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some Culture for Dat Ass

Usually I don't support any sort of refined culture, book learnin', reading of anything other than "Hey yo! Look who's got a remedy for jock itch" (yes that was a Home Improvement reference and yes I'm okay with that) or anything that doesn't involve Diggy and Russy selling their stuff at a yard sale...

...but this is kinda dope. The National Portrait Gallery - the same folks who brought you this - now bring you the only portrait exhibit that can even remotely be refered to as "gangster". I do, however, admit that the exhibit may have the least awesome name ever. It's up there with ABC's "Coolin' at The Playground Ya Know!"

The exhibit also includes paintings of Grand Master Flash and the Furios 5, Ladies Love Cool James, and Ice-T. Unfortunately there are no portraits of Ice-T's baddest bitch Coco.

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