Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sip, Sip, Sippin on some......HATE-O-RADE!

We here at "Made 'em Jump Like Rod Strickland" are prodigious lovers....just ask your mom, your sister and your grandma Tilly (no age-ism either direction). Our insatiable libido is not limited solely to women. We also love: spicy garlic buffalo wings, High-Octane Budweiser and the occasional dwarf.

But like all things in the universe there must be a ying to our libido's yang; hence the introduction of this site's Kool-aid-ish grape drank that we call Hate-o-rade. Yesterday's Congressional Hearing on steriod use in baseball is an excellent place to start-off:
  1. Roger Clemens - The cro-magnon pictured above testified on the Hill yesterday regarding his alleged use of steriods. We think this picture is damning evidence of someone sticking something somewhere. We won't speculate on that, after all that's what the comments section is for...

  2. Rep. Henry Waxman - The California Congressman is said to be held in high esteem by his fellow elected officials due to his no nonsense attitude. We too hold him in high esteem, but for a very different reason: His uncanny resemblence to Batboy! We salute and respect all carnies, side-show freaks and house trained part-man, part-bats.

  3. Rusty Hardin - Excuse me? Your junk is what? Rusty? Better put that thing to use....after all, it is Valentine's Day. Cripes, what a cruel mother! Not to mention his reverence for the edicts of one Montgomery Burns: "Shave those sideburns Mattingly!" Apparently sideburns have no place in a Texas court-room.

  4. Brian McNamee - If you haven't clicked any other link, please click this one: Truth-teller. NUFF SAID!

In other unrelated Hate news:

This peckerhead essentially vetoed a trade between the Mavs and Nets that would have sent J-Kidd (the abused spouse) to the Mavs, in return for an assorted poo-poo platter. As a Wizards fan...I'm elated. I fully expect Agent Hiro to elaborate more on this later.

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