Friday, February 29, 2008

"Real Recognizes Real"

(This is not an actual video clip, just the only picture I could find.)

After the Wiz beat the Celtics earlier this year, Caron Bulter said it best: "Real recognizes real." With the Wiz in Chi Town tonight, taking on the Bulls, we here at "Made em Jump" want to say the same thing. Not to the Bulls, whom I hate almost as much as Cleveland, but to Bulls and Bears "Superfans." I'm of course talking about the fat dudes from SNL. I like to think of the four people who post on this blog as Wizards superfans. However, while Farley, Wendt, Myers, Goodman, Smigel and Montegna (that's right -- Joe Montegna was a "Superfan" -- check Wikipedia) enjoy beer and salted, cured meats in excess, the four of us enjoy beer and mid- to late 90's rap music in excess. A few other notes about this game and the Bulls in general.

1) Thank you for my best memory ever as a Wiz fan, Chicago. When the East Coast Assassin hit that last second shot to beat you in the playoffs a few years back, I almost flew to Chicago to punch Nocioni in the face myself.

2) Namond Bryce is a bitch and you Joakim Noah, look like Namond Bryce.

3) Why didn't you keep Michael Jordan? He was, without question, the best basketball player ever. However, he sure did run the Wiz into the ground. Two words: Tyron Lue.

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