Monday, February 25, 2008

Omar Got Got

RIP Omar Little - the most gully dude "on the down low"...ever...

Hot damn...your man in the streets - the assassin turned cripple turned puttin' Marlo on blast for hiding - Omar Little "got got" in last night's episode of "The Wire".

Fully expecting Omar to go down "in a hail of gunfire" a la Coach Norton, I was super shocked when Omar went out like he did. Marlo didn't get him...Chris & Snoop didn't get was that young hopper Kenard. 'Nards just walked up on him in a Korean grocery store and...well...did what young kids do in Baltimore, shot a brotha. My guess is that 'Nards was calling out Omar for being a bitch and buying a pack of Newport Lights in a soft pack...A SOFT PACK!!! I thought only the Marlboro Man still bought soft packs...

Clay Davis is innocent.


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Anonymous said...

hey, where's my credit for the soft pack bit?!?