Friday, February 29, 2008

Mourning Would

Alonzo Mourning Would...totally stuff this chump! You call that a board? Bitch please...

Alonzo's bad kidney dominated the paint with more ferocity than Senator Hussein and his wussified windpants. For all the talk about Barack being a b-ball die-hard, we say this picture diminishes his street cred as a baller.

How? Think of it this way: You're a captain chosing sides for a pick-up game. You're telling me you're taking the guy wearing pants? Come on sun!

Now if he was murdered out in some Jordan's, mid-shin Bulls shorts and a retro Cliff Levingston jersey, then maybe we would believe the Senator from Illinois was actually a baller. Until then....he's just Barack Obama, the Columbia and Harvard graduate who wears windpants on the court. Alonzo Mourning Would would have totally pwned this jabroni.


Bobtimist Prime said...

yeah, this fool looks like this basketball game is interrupting his morning jog and now he's taking the ball away.

Anonymous said...

so true. still my favorite bball observation made by Agent Hiro... "there's a lot of denim on this court..."