Friday, February 22, 2008

Made 'em Jump Murderous Rampage Photo of the Day

This is the kind of picture that "gets my Irish up", makes me want to set my ears on fire...and then give up on humanity and pull a Lil' Wayne maneuver:

"one hand on ma money, on hand on ma buddy
thas tha AK47 made his neighborhood love me
bullets like birds you can hear them bitches hummin"

Not only does this picture just seriously irk - and not the good kind of irk as in "Erk and Jerk" - the fucking shite out of me because The Roots are associating themselves with this hootinany of a butt nugget, but because of this.

That weasely little bastard Moby worked Natalie Portman - one of the unexplainably / oddly flyest chicks in the game...gentile or Jew. She is dead to me.

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