Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is Richard Jefferson goin' have to choke a bitch?

"You rap like you should be on the back of a motorcycle" - Common

While browsing through TMZ this morning, I came across this little gem. RJ in an "altercation." I quoted altercation because I use that term very loosely.

From TMZ:
According to the report, the New Jersey Nets star left the club, and then encountered the witness, who asked Jefferson to remain until the disagreement was sorted out. The witness says Jefferson responded, "Say another word, I will kick your ass."

Minnesota has a lot of weird regional vernacular, like calling water fountains "bubblers" and calling soda "pop", so I guess when they say kick, they really mean "violate." My guess is this "altercation" actually happened a little more like the picture above.

Honestly though RJ, you were on top of another dude choking him? Really? Lover's quarrel perhaps? Maybe the involved patron forgot the safe word? No one will really ever know I guess. What I do know however is that if I were a gigantic brotha in a club full of normal people, I would be mushing dudes' faces in at every opportunity instead of choking someone. I guess RJ went to the Brenda Haywood school of fighting.

Yours in blood,
Agent Hiro

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