Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gangsta, Gangsta

C-Webb - The Pride of the Ghost of Bullets Past

This being a Chocolate City-based blog, we'd be remised if we didn't post this video. This, of course, is the single off his debut - and thank the U-G-O-D only - album "2 Much Drama". The song, as you may have surmised is called "Gangsta, Gangsta (How U Do It)".

The only redeemable thing about this video is that Ghostface Killah (aka Pretty Tony aka Wally Champ aka Paisley Fontaine) makes a cameo. Well...actually...on second thought...Besides this being a "D.C." blog...our blog name is also a reference to "Triumph" by the Wu-Tang Clan. Not sure why Ghostface would lend his pretty mug to this hurts his street cred...the only thing "gangsta" about this video is that the dancing chicks are dressed as some official office bitches...except they're office bitches with their stomachs showing and razor blades in their mouths...cause they'll cut a brotha...

I take that back, there are two good things in this video...the other being a guy doing "the Kid n' Play" dance...SOLO..."Nay" you say, "Tis impossible". If Gil's shoe sponsor has taught us anything, it's "Impossible is Nothing".

That being said, I can assure that Raekwon the Chef is turning over in his grave right now...if, of course, he was actually dead...

Big ups to The WIZZNUTZZ for finding this video.

Yours in drinking champagne of the stomach of a bad office bitch,
Agent Zero

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