Monday, February 11, 2008

File this under: "We never saw this coming..."

This week's most shocking news: ESPN talking head and Washington Post columnist Michael Wilbon had a heart attack whilst in Arizona covering le "Big Game".

Reasons why I never saw this coming:
1.) He looks to be the picture of health
2.) He rocks his shirts with the top button buttoned, sans tie - kinda creepy
3.) He works in D.C. - where the life expectancy for males is 15.75 years
4.) Stat Boy is literally 5 foot nothin' - this has absolutely nothing to do with the heart attack, it's just creepy to see him darting around on Metro's Red Line like some creepy troll with insanely gelled hair. Plus he's super Italian, and as we all know the only good Italian comes with three types of spicy meats, some mortadella cheese, and is topped with sweet peppers and oil & vinegar.

I am a big fan of PTI, Wilbon, and Tony Kornheiser; so I wish Wilbon a speedy recovery - if only for the sole reason of keeping Skip Bayless from temporarily filling in for him.

Agent Beero

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