Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fear The Turtlehead

This post is a little late, but being a Virginia Tech hoops fan in the D.C. area I had to write something about last night's Maryland vs. VT game in College Park. I don't want to pontificate and make all of the Maryland fans angry, but I do want to talk about three things I learned from last night's game.

3) Maryland can't play without their big men. Both Gist and Osby got into foul trouble early and had to sit, leaving room for Jeff Allen, one of the best freshman in the ACC, to dominate. Without the threat downlow the Maryland offense is Greivas Vasquez hoisting up threes and talking shit.

2) Hank Thorns is the next Nate Robinson.

1) The team that vomits the most wins. That's right, it wasn't one of those damn turtleheads that creeps out, checks out what's going on and then goes back in his hole that decided this game. It was upchuck, son. Well it didn't really decide the game, but with less than a minute left in the first half, Virginia Tech freshman Dorzeno Hudson puked all over the floor while a Maryland player was shooting free throws. From that point on, I knew Tech was golden. Only real ballers throw up. See Rod Strickland + chili dogs = vomit.

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