Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Don't worry Harry Conick, Jr... you aren't the only one in New Orleans not feeling your face. That's right, DeShawn hit a three pointer as time ran out last night in the Big Easy and the Wiz got the win. This was a much needed, well deserved win on the road for the Zards. DeShawn had a career high 33 and more importantly, the beard fade was looking amazing. I'm waiting for the moment when I flip a picture of DeShawn upside down it somehow miraculously morphs into a picture of Play, of Kid n' Play fame. Anyway, since this post is late it will also serve as a Wiz/Rockets preview for tonight. The big news in the NBA today -- Yao is out for the season. And as one of my colleague's pointed out earlier in the day, the Chinese national team has to be freaking out about his status for this summer's Olympic games in Beijing. If he can't play, the U.S. needs to brace for an invasion courtesy of General Tso.

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