Monday, February 11, 2008

1,2, 1,2, yo check this out, it's the jump off right now...

I want everybody, to put your work down, put your guns down
And report to the pit, the gravel pit
Leave your problems at home, leave your children at home
We gon' take it back underground, I be Bobby Boulders
Wu-Tang Clan on yo' mind one time
It's the jump off, so just jump off...

-Gravel Pit, The Wu-Tang Clan

That's right folks, we've officially launched "Made 'em Jump Like Rod Strickland". Everything posted before this entry was from our first, aborted attempt at a blog "Sid B.R.E.A.M. (Blogs Rule Everything Around Me)"...

Now that we've ironed out a few issues, come up with a slightly easier blog name to type, and hired a crack legal team to defend us we are ready for prime time.

So from this point on, Made 'em Jump will be your number one source for Wu-Tang, the Wizards, celebrity retardedness, and assorted pointless news. We thank you for trusting us and bring us into your homes or offices each day to provide you with the news you need. And as a way of saying "thank you" for that trust, we will take all the money and guns you have in your safe and knock up your of-age hot daughters.

So...welcome to the's going to be one hell of a stabby relationship.

Agent Beero

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